Welcome to my Haven...grab a cup of hot tea or coco and see what's up today!

Welcome to my Haven...grab a cup of hot tea or coco and see what's up today!
I Live in a Witches World of Broomsticks and Magick!

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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Tomorrow I go home..........

I am ready to come home. It's nice to visit but I'm so ready for my own house and my own stuff. I miss sewing and quilting whenever I want. Lol, I sound like a spoiled kid. But they say once you leave your parents house you can never go back, how true that is. I never realized how nit picky my Mom is and it gets worse as she gets older, but she's also used to living on her own with no one else here at all. It felt werid to have her tell me that I wasn't supposed to put trash in a garbage can(that already has a plastic bag in it) that I'm supposed to put it in a small food bag first, also plastic, then put it in the garbage can bag. But, being a good kid I did it like she wanted, lol

She also had lots of surgery on her nose while I was here and yesterday she got the stitches out, but the doctor told her that she has to come back and that she has the skincancer cells inside her nose not just on it. So, I'm not sure what they are going to do to her next week but I will be calling her to find out.

As soon as I can I will post about my swaps(have to check all the mail when I get home tomorrow. Plus I got some neat things for the Summer Sac Swap while I was here and other places along the way, can't tell what because it's a secret for now.
I hope everyone has had a great week more tomorrow or Saturday.

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