Welcome to my Haven...grab a cup of hot tea or coco and see what's up today!

Welcome to my Haven...grab a cup of hot tea or coco and see what's up today!
I Live in a Witches World of Broomsticks and Magick!

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Wednesday, April 08, 2009

What I've been up to.......

I'm here, not much quilting going on right now. Everytime I think I'm done with an SCA project, I find another one that I have to do, or need to make by the end of that month for an event. but i'm having fun and I am sewing just not quilting. I'm learning alot about my sewing machine and that I can sew clothes now as long as they are from the 13 century lol. The above picture is a basket cover I made.
Also I've been finishing up the Beaded bookmarks I need for St. George's at the end of this month. Here they are all finished and in the basket ready to give out to other Fighter's Ladies and Royality.

Then I figured out I needed to hot glue and sew down my Hubby's Crest of his helm for the tourney. It looks like this.

Now he has to take Velcro and add it to the top of his helm. But that is he job (chore) to do. I still have to cut out 1 more dress for me and another tunic for him in Brown so he has one to work in, he's getting his green one stained when putting up the tents and palvillons at the sites. Oh and He wants me to redo these seat cover in green for these seats we had that the fabric seating part got ruined in the rain from being to old so have to have those done by May for that campout it's a 4-day one.

Hopefully some time this month I may be able to sew something quilty, lol.

Have a Blessed Day!



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