Welcome to my Haven...grab a cup of hot tea or coco and see what's up today!

Welcome to my Haven...grab a cup of hot tea or coco and see what's up today!
I Live in a Witches World of Broomsticks and Magick!

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Saturday, January 09, 2010

Burrr it's cold

This was this morning- it was raining ice, and it was really really cold. See all the ice on our swing?
Now Hubby says this was ice too but I thought it looks like snow but he went out there and I stayed in the house so I can't argue with him about it.

So today i've been bundled up see here are my slippers and they are really warm.
Plus I have my quilt on my leggs while I sit at my computer. I've been working on some Plastic Canvas today I'm in a winter Coaster swap and i'm on my third one but I had to go shopping to get more circles and I'm not going out so I went to Annie's Attic for them, they will come stright to my door and no cold for me except to walk to the mailbox lol. I also go some new Croschet hooks that were on sale. As it's getting cold enough to start crochetting in the evenings while I watch tv, plus it helps me stay warm.
Here is a sneek peek of my coasters I'm making. Plus I have to make a Winter magnet, got the pattern picked out and a Valentine's one. Plus, I'm going to be xstitching a Valentine's bookmark for a swap just have to wait to see who I get as the name is supposed top be on it.
I heard from Brant yesterday he made it to North Carolina okay but said it was really cold.
Hope everyone stays warm this weekend.

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