Welcome to my Haven...grab a cup of hot tea or coco and see what's up today!

Welcome to my Haven...grab a cup of hot tea or coco and see what's up today!
I Live in a Witches World of Broomsticks and Magick!

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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

My Hubby's hobbie........

I really really love my Hubby. But, I think his hobby is taking over lol. He makes and collects Knifes, Swords & Axes, He started out like everyone else with just a couple hanging above the TV.
Then it was the Pirate Wall, which I do think is cool, and he made the wood to look like part of an old ship. That was find too. But then it was on the other wall of the livingroom, and both side of the front door ( great noone will ever rob us.)
Then He spread out into the kitchen and by the frig.

After that and this is way over the top. He did the bathroom. So, I finally told him to go find something to do outside because the house was full. Also, I told him if we have a Hurricanne (this is Florida) he was taking everything of the wall, not me.
When He first started this I took a picture of it and showed it to our friend Janet, and she laughed and said we ought to join the SCA. So, almost one year later we are in the SCA and having a ball at our first hobby together. Plus, the good side is now he's outside working on firepits, palvillions, tents, and stuff we need for the SCA, oh yeah did I mention the bed frame, and the trailer he built, but it keeps him busy and I really don't mind because he does cook, clean and takes care of me and I have time to do all things I want to do.
So, this Saturday we are Renewing our Vows, SCA style. which is going to be so much fun. I can't believe we've been together 22 years already.
But as for my Hubby's hobbies- I honestly can't wait to see what he comes up with next.
Have a Blessed Day!

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Karen said...

Congratulations Cie on 22 years together. I'll be looking forward to some pics of your vow renewal celebration.

As for the knives, what can I say. You are a very tolerant lady... :)