Welcome to my Haven...grab a cup of hot tea or coco and see what's up today!

Welcome to my Haven...grab a cup of hot tea or coco and see what's up today!
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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I Won & update on me

Thank you so much for voting for my All Hearts Quilt. I won this weeks contest.

This is what I found out from the kidney doctor- my GFR isn't 60 it's 53.7 he went over the CT scan of my lungs with me and showed everything inside of me. He said it looked like I had a blood clot behind my left knee but it broke up and that's what caused the dizziness, he said I was lucky that it broke up as small as it did otherwise I might have had a stroke or heart attack. My knee hurt the night before the dizziness and my Hubby massaged it. The doctor said that was what broke it up.
He also showed me the damage to my lungs and told me the it wasn't too bad yet. The CT report says that there are emphysematous bullae seen in both lungs and minimal bibasilar atelectasis is seen. Not sure what that is but I'm sure they will let me know. He said my liver was swollen but it was okay and he wants to see me again in a year unless my blood tests change.
They didn't have the Echo results yet so I still have to wait till the 23rd, and I have my other new doctors to see. Plus Wed I see my RA doctor which is good because my hip has been bothering me a lot. But, I'm not going to let any of this get me down, I'm just going to go to the doctors and tell them I want to know what's wrong so we can fix it. Thanks for all your prayers.

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Micki said...

I will keep you in my prayers and hope you get well soon!